Welcome to the abode of Nawazyazad, a sanctuary, where you will feel at peace, relaxed and confident to fulfill your life’s purpose.

Your first step in this journey to this destination is not by chance, but by God’s wish and will for He wants you to accomplish your goals , heal your mind and body and make sweeping positive changes through techniques like guided relaxation, concentration, visual imagery, self hypnosis and Emotional Replacement Therapy .

To solve your problems you must first heal yourself, for a healthy mind is engulfed in a healthy body. So, to have a healthy body you have to heal it of all the past traumas you may be carrying from your past lives, popularly known as “Karmas”.

We are a committed, dedicated and experienced team of Certified Hypnotherapists affiliated to Internationally renowned world bodies, viz. National Guild of Hypnotists Inc.(USA) and International Medical Dental Hypnotherapy Association(USA) .

We firmly believe and work professionally, abiding by their code of conduct and ethics.

With the total assistance, blessings and guidance from the Almighty, we guide you to tap and unravel both the sacred and secret forces of your inner self by delving deep within, to miraculously obtain totally accurate divine solutions.

Integrity, professionalism and your confidentiality are important to us.

We have your best interest at heart and will form an everlasting relationship of trust where you will feel safe, secure and informed.

Through the techniques enumerated above, we will be reprogramming your subconscious mind to heal itself which will help you to overcome obstacles, improve relationships, and steer your life’s path in the right direction, gain your full potential to reach your goals and face life’s challenges reduce mental stress, attitudinal change and build self confidence.

In this therapy, as no drugs or medicines of any kind whatsoever are used there are no unwanted or unpleasant side effects.

However, we would be happy to work and associate with clients who are mentally tuned and committed to make quick and positive changes in their lives.

A) Corporate Services:

We offer our services to corporations to boost productivity of their employees by reducing stress at work places, by inducing a state of peace and tranquility so as to enable employees to give their best overall performance by creating an atmosphere of oneness and team spirit, to overcome stiff global competition which is the order of the day.

B) Individual consultations for :

  1) Creating Abundance
  2) Anxiety& Fatigue
  3) Fears & Phobias
  4) Lack of Concentration
  5) Anger Control
  6) Examination Fears
  7) Goal Achievements
  8) Pain Control
  9) Public Speaking
10) Procrastination
11) Cancer
12) Building Self Confidence
13) Mending relationships
14) Stammering
15) Health Issues

And any other Personal Problem.

Individual healing sessions are also conducted on telephone.

Kindly contact us in Mumbai at Nawazyazad on

a) Mobile no.+919867602354
b) e-mail us at: